In Memoriam

If you are young and enjoy and admire your musical idols, you are not thinking about their mortality. Even if you grow older yourself, they seem to stay as they were, because in many cases you like their music the same way as you did long ago. In your heart, they stay Forever Young.

Meanwhile life goes on, and sooner or later the day will come that musical idols pass away too. That’s a shock for all their next of kin, as the lover of their music in fact you are a kind of next of kin yourself. Suddenly it dawns upon you that you got older as well, even though their music keeps carriying you back to your younger years.

Therefore, if such a day comes, I will write an In Memoriam for a musician that touches me with his or her music, sound and interpretation. As a memory of the pleasant hours with their music. As an incentive to listen to their music again. To notice and enjoy how they stay forever young, in your heart!

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