As an (amateur) guitarist, you get involved with some aspects which are mostly far behind the scene for the audience which is enjoying the results of your efforts. I thought it to be fun to describe some of my personal experiences with these aspects within this section Guitarities. Maybe it is useful for you, and if not... it might be just fun to read and entertaining. Further you will find here reports and notes concerning a number of guitar events that I attended.

The name Guitarity is no coincidence. Primarily it is a subtle combination of Guitar and Rarity. Additionally, it was the name of a Dutch radio programme that was transmitted on Sunday evenings in the seventies and early eighties. The show was dedicated to the classical guitar and brought lots of new record releases. I remember the enthusiasm when they played the first CD of the Assad Brothers in ’85. The programme used to run on the classical channel Radio 4. Rumour states that the Dutch jazz guitarist Eddy Christiani was involved as the commentator, but I am not sure of that.

The old web site provided an index of all Guitarities in table form. That’s a bit much for a side menu. Therefore, I have subdivided the Guitarities in sets of ten and made sure that it is easy to navigate between them.

The Guitarities are in chronological order. I have not updated or actualized them, just to keep the history.

The parts of the Guitarities are just a click away in the side menu. Happy Reading!