Literary links

Internet is a bit world wide and finding interesting writing links is not quite simple. That is the reason we are going to supply some here. We will add any interesting link we meet on our surfing expedition, hence this page is continuously under construction. Click on the link to jump to the page.

Marion Zimmer Bradley's Literary Works Trust
The web site of the Trust for the heirs of Marin Zimmer Bradley (1930 -1999). For me, this fantasy writer is mainly known from the Avalon books, in which she describes an own version of the Arthurian Legends. I liked the stories, which attempted to view these legends from a female perspective.

Ursula Leguin's Web Site
The web site of fantasy writer Ursula K. Leguin. Her Earthsea books (the four of them) were a great example for me because of her intuitive style with much hidden wisdom. After reading the Earthsea quartet with Ged's adventures and the impressing elaboration of Tenar's character, I started thinking about writing fantasy myself. Earthsea was but a small portion of what she wrote, she added more fantasy, SF, short stories and poetry.