Musical links

Internet is a bit world wide and finding interesting guitar links is not quite simple. That is the reason we are going to supply some here. We will add any interesting link we meet on our surfing expedition, hence this page is continuously under construction. Click on the link to jump to the page.

Muziekuitgeverij Van Teeseling
Een Dutch Homepage. This publisher has a catalogue with scores for many instruments and instrumental combinations. They published three volumes of arrangements for flute and guitar by Mark. The books Down by the Sally Gardens (English folk songs), Conselhos (Brazilian modinhas) and El Amor y La Muerte (Catalan folk songs) are available in the music shops.
Jean Francois Delcamp of the Association Bibliotheque de la Guitare Classique keeps a comprehensive site for guitar music, including links to home pages of guitar ensembles and a nice collection of scores in PDf format.

Thorlaksson's Guitar School
A well know site with a huge amount of scores for solo guitar, guitar duo and guitar ensembles, most in high quality PDf format.

Duo Niet In Het Zwart
This is the site of the duo Bobby Rootveld (guitar and percussion) and Sanna van Elst (recorders of all kinds). Duo Niet In Het Zwart translates as Duo Not in Black, which refers to the fact that you will not meet them on stage in the traditional black suit. They merge their music with other forms of arts, like paintings and theatre shows.

Guitar Loot
A site which is dedicated to Renaissance and Baroque music for lute and guitar. It includes a nice collection of scores in high quality PDf and Sibelius Scorch format. Also take a look at the very instructive narratives with the pieces: they offer useful background information about the composers and the pieces themselves.

The Homepage of Jaap Majoor
Jaap Majoor, one of the organisers of the Twenthe Guitar Festival, has a nice site about his guitar lessons, the voice-guitar duo Duo '78 and the guitar duo Lerato.

Kulturhaus NIHZ
News and information concerning concerts, workshops and other guitar and recorder happenings in Kulturhaus NIHZ in Nordhorn, Germany.

Derek Hasted Internet Music School
A nice web site of a guitarist who is specialised in ensemble music (2, 3, 4 guitars).

Forrest Guitar Ensembles
A nice collection of sheet music for solo and ensembles. You can download all this music for free! We have had lots of fun with the ensemble music in our guitar club!

The Guitar Salon in Enkhuizen, Holland.
The site of a pleasant ant intimate concert podium in the historical centre of Enkhuizen, Holland, where the guitar gets full attention in quite a number of genres.

An interesting site for classical guitarists that want to master the tremolo technique. Henk Olden uses his extensive experience with Flamenco music. Inspired by the music by the flamenco guitarist Sabicas (Agustín Castellón Campos) he lived in Spain where he studied Flamenco in Granada. The web site provides information about his workshops and his book Understanding Flamenco Guitar for Classical Guitarists. Additionally, the site shows various examples and studies/exercises for tremolo technique.