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Welcome to the DOS Amigos Homepage, more than twenty years a trusted resource for classical guitar music. Here you will find sheet music from all style periods from the Renaissance for solo guitar, guitar duo as well as guitar ensemble. You have the option to playback the music to assess if you like it.

Besides you will find an extensive collection of guitar subjects within the Guitarities section. Also take a look at the stories about two of the important guitar festivals in my region: Guitar Festival Nordhorn and the Twente Guitar Festival, they are included in the Events section.

My adventures with recording are available within the section Recording, including playback. And do not forget my private corner Mark’s that provides more information about my sheet music publications and story writing adventures, from book to publishing.

Finally, in the Allsorts section, you will find the general site information, how to order sheet music, the inevitable FAQ and a number of CD reviews.

Have fun browsing around. 😉The top menu guides the way!