Aire de Antigua Milonga (Diez Piezas Fugaces Nr. 3) (Pujol)

Aire de Antigua Milonga is a piece from Diez Piezas Fugaces (10 fleeting pieces). A Milonga was originally a style for songs in two-quarter time, but also found its way into instrumental music. Milonga is called the cheerful sister of the (Argentine) Tango. That is of course relative, because I think a lot of Milongas sound really sad indeed!

The piece Aire de Antigua Milonga goes back to its origins: The song. The structure is a bit like an Estilo that has a chorus/verse setup. Bars 1-8 are a chorus, bars 10-17 are an example of a verse.

In the choruses it is important to pay close attention to the fingering of the right hand. This creates an interesting sound with the open B string. All things considered, that fingering (especially in the variation on the chorus in bars 20-23) is the focal point of this piece. For the reminder it is relatively simple.

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