Flor de Amor: La Parada

In Brief

  • Title: La Parada.
  • Musicians: Sandra Koelers, Marlon van Mook, Marjolein Kempers, Fried Manders.
  • Identification: None.
  • Recording: 2004-2005.
  • Edition year: 2005.

Carretero by Flor de Amor


It was a cold Sunday afternoon in November when we drove to the local concert hall Het Parochiehuis in the town of Delden for a concert. It was such an afternoon that you crawl deeper into your collar outside, rearrange the scarf and regret the departure of a beautiful summer in the chilly fog.

We found the name Flor de Amor on the program. Spanish, Mediterranean, Summer, flowers and of course love. We could not yet suspect that the summer would return for a moment on that stage in autumnal Delden. And with music from the Caribbean with a pleasant trip to Argentina, where it was summer at that time.

That was a great concert and it was a great opportunity to purchase the Flor de Amor CD as a souvenir.

The line-up of the band. Founder of the band Sandra Koelers first voice, guitar and requinto. Marlon van Mook second voice and double bass. Marjolein Kempers on flute, percussion and the strings of the Cuatro, and finally Fried Manders on accordion, mandola and percussion.

Surprising: No exotic name at all, all Dutch musicians who together create a surprisingly original South American atmosphere. The music clearly has a subtle hip sway that invites you to swing along a little.

This contagiousness is the merit of this album in addition to the interesting instrumentation and voice. Enjoy listening!

I would almost forget: the recording technique. The ambiance is intimate and the balance is well adjusted, the large double bass does not dominate the field and the overall sound image is clear. Not too much reverberation, which means you are just as close as you would have been there in a dark and smoky Cantinha.

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