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Welcome to the DOS Amigos Homepage, more than twenty five years a trusted resource for classical guitar music. Here you will find sheet music from all style periods from the Renaissance. Music for solo guitar, guitar duo as well as guitar ensemble. You have the option to playback the music to assess if you like it.

Besides you will find an extensive collection of guitar subjects within the Guitarities section. My adventures with recording are available within the section Recording, including playback. And do not forget my private corner Mark’s. This section provides more information about my sheet music publications and story writing adventures, from book to publishing. The Archives section brings you a wealth of information from the past, in particular the Twente and Nordhorn Guitar Festivals. The Index pages quickly guide you to individual pieces in seacht of sheet music and recordings,

Finally, in the Allsorts section, you will find the general site information, how to order sheet music, the inevitable FAQ and link page plus a number of CD reviews.

Have fun browsing around. 😉 The top and side menu guide the way!

I would like to ask you something…

The DOS Amigos Homepage has been on-line for over twenty-five years now, with an ever-growing number of pieces and articles. All pieces are (Sibelius)-scored by hand and all articles are hand-written out of passion for my hobby and the dream to share music and writing to classical guitarists all over the world. It is all charity work.

Yet, web hosting is far from free and the hosting provider does not live from charity. Additionally, the yearly subscriptions for WordPress themes and plugins add to the cost. Therefore, I would greatly appreciate a little gift from you to cover the cost and keep the DOS Amigos Homepage alive. In this way you contribute to the availability of a large online collection of guitar sheet music.

The button will guide you to Paypal. Many thanks in advance!


Privacy Statement

Nowadays, as a web master, you have to say something about the privacy of your visitors. In good spirits I started to browse a number of example privacy statements. After reading, I felt quite disheartened. In fact, I have to lay bare all my possible skeletons in the cupboard concerning possible abuse of personal data for my greater good.

In 1998, I started this homepage with the intention to share my hobby, playing the classical guitar, with other players and to provide my own settings of public domain music for the classical guitar. My efforts do not serve any commercial goal, access to this site is free, I express just one friendly request for a voluntary contribution to cover the cost for web hosting and site maintenance. So, I have no interest in your personal data. I am only interested in your personal reactions.

As a consequence, I do not record and analyse personal data whatsoever. Because I disabled comments on the posts of this site, no email addresses will be recorded as well and I am not able to view the relevant IP addresses of the respondents.

The website includes a Matomo analytics plugin for analysis of visits and downloads. This plugin is set for cookie-less operation. At times I take a curious look at this data, just to find out about the web site popularity and which pieces are in demand. I don’t perform any small- or big data analysis and I do not adapt any web site feature to the outcome of such an analysis.

In brief: Visiting this web site, do not fear privacy violation. I hope that you have a pleasant visit and find some music that you like.

😊 Happy Playing!

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