The great strength of the Internet lies in the (hyper) link, the next station in the search for information. Links will get you further, if you don’t have them, you may come across a missing link.

The DOS Amigos Homepage also has links. An ever-growing collection of references to information about (guitar) music, writing and other subjects.

Musical links

The internet is quite global and finding interesting guitar links is not easy. That’s why we’ve selected a few and will update the page if we come across something new. Click the link to jump to the page.

Muziekuitgeverij Van Teeseling
This Dutch publisher has a large catalog of sheet music for all kinds of instruments and levels of difficulty. They have published three booklets of arrangements for flute and guitar by Mark. The bundles Down by the Sally Gardens (English folk songs), Conselhos (Brazilian music) and El Amor y La Muerte (Spanish folk songs) are in the shop.

Akkoord of niet Akkoord
A Dutch language site with a course in guitar chords, clearly divided into workshops, with image and sound! In addition, the site contains useful links to sites for guitar related topics.
Jean Francois Delcamp of the Association Bibliotheque de la Guitare Classique maintains an interesting site about guitar music and guitar ensembles. This includes a nice collection of free sheet music in PDF format.

RowyNet Solo Bladmuziek
A nice site for free sheet music for all kinds of instruments, with a modest share of guitar music. There is a possibility to register and upload your own compositions.

Thorlaksson’s Guitar School
A well-known site for classical guitar sheet music. Here you will find guitar music for solo, duo and ensemble in PDF format. Excellent quality.

Duo Niet In Het Zwart
The site of the duo Bobby Rootveld (guitar, percussion and stage effects) and Sanna van Elst (recorders of all kinds). They bring their music to the fore in various forms of presentation in various programs.

Guitar Loot
A site dedicated to lute and guitar music from the Renaissance and Baroque. A nice collection of pieces in good quality pdf format. Also note the extensive descriptions of composers and music, an asset to the understanding of the pieces.

Paul Pleijsier, Gitarist
A site of the Dutch guitarist Paul Pleijsier, who focuses on 18th/19th century classical music and plays historical instruments, such as a Lacote guitar. In addition, he composes himself in the more modern genre. A nice site with music fragments and catchy columns about guitar music in the form of a blog.

De Homepage van Jaap Majoor
Jaap Majoor, one of the organizers of the Twents Guitar Festival, has a nice site about his guitar lesson practice, the vocal-guitar duo Duo ’78 and the guitar duo Lerato.

Kulturhaus NIHZ
News and information from workshops, concerts and other matters for guitar and recorder at Kulturhaus NIHZ in Nordhorn, Germany.

Derek Hasted Internet Music School
A nice site of a guitarist who is specialized in guitar ensembles (2, 3, 4 guitars).

Forrest Guitar Ensembles
A rich stock of sheet music for solo and ensembles. At the moment you can download all the pieces for free. Nice work!

Leer Gitaar, Iedereen kan het leren.
A site especially for the beginning guitarist. You will find many instructional videos and a chat box to exchange tips and questions with the guitar colleagues.

An interesting site for classical guitarists that want to master the tremolo technique. Henk Olden uses his extensive experience with Flamenco music. Inspired by the music by the flamenco guitarist Sabicas (Agustín Castellón Campos) he lived in Spain where he studied Flamenco in Granada. The web site provides information about his workshops and his book Understanding Flamenco Guitar for Classical Guitarists. Additionally, the site shows various examples and studies/exercises for tremolo technique.

Writers links

With regard to writing and Fantasy you can find a lot on the Internet. On this page I am building a gradually growing collection of links.

Marion Zimmer Bradley’s Literary Works Trust
The Homepage of the Trust for the Heirs of Marin Zimmer Bradley (1930 -1999). This fantasy writer is best known to me for her Avalon books, in which she presents her own version of the Arthurian legends.

Ursula Leguin’s Web Site
The Homepage of late fantasy writer Ursula Leguin. Her Earthsea books were a great example for me, in which she manages to explain a lot of wisdom in a very intuitive storytelling style. After reading Ged’s adventures, I started thinking about writing fantasy myself. Earthsea was not the only thing she wrote, she published alongside Fantasy, SF stories and poetry.

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