In this section you will find a number of topics that I now take from the main flow of the site after many years. They concern the events Twente Guitar Festival and Nordhorn Guitar Festival and a number of specific event-related Guitarities.

I visited the Twente Guitar Festival in Enschede in the years 2006 to 2014. There I took my first masterclasses and attended the necessary concerts. I wrote my reports for this festival, some of which turned out to be particularly useful for grant applications.

The Guitar Festival Nordhorn split from the Twents Guitar Festival in 2011. After it was founded, I visited the festivals in Nordhorn from 2011 to 2019. Unfortunately, the corona crisis thwarted the ten-year anniversary and hindered further progress the following year due to the strict corona rules in Germany. I also wrote my reports for this festival and even produced an anniversary book entitled Feast on Six Strings, Five years of Guitar Festival Nordhorn.

Are you historically interested in my guitar life from years ago? Then the archive section is for you.

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