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As an (amateur) guitarist, you get involved with some aspects which are mostly far behind the scene for the audience which is enjoying the results of your efforts. I thought it to be fun to describe some of my personal experiences with these aspects with the Guitarities. Maybe it is useful for you, and if not… it might be just fun to read and entertaining. Further you will find here reports and notes concerning a number of guitar events that I attended.

Some of the Guitarities are timeless. You can find them in the Guitarities section. Another part is time-bound, so now it is time for them to find a place in the archive. They mainly concern past events such as specific competitions and festivals.

Below you will find the links to the PDF documents.

Ensemble Weekend Zwolle 2009A weekend of adventure with large orchestra and small ensemble
Duo NIHZ in the ConcertgebouwA nice holiday present for me: A historical performance in Amsterdam
Frankpop 2012The guitar teacher Frank Meijer organizes a real pop festival in Hengelo for his students
Amateur Competition 2012My very first guitar competition in Nordhorn
Amateur Competition 2013My second guitar competition in Nordhorn. This time I won.
Ensemble Workshop Pieter van der StaakAn ensemble workshop in remembrance of the guitarist/composer/teacher Pieter van der Staak
Louis Ignatius Gall FestivalAn anniversary concert for the guitarist/composer/teacher Louis Ignatius Gall
Amateur Competition 2014Two competitions this year, one in Nordhorn, one in Enschede. Including a quite different judging culture
Jewish Music Festival NordhornThe first Jewish music festival in Nordhorn
With Duo NIHZ to EnkhuizenA nice trip for father’s day: A visit to the Enkhuizen Guitar Festival
Amateur Competition 2015After the poor result of the 2014 competition, I make another try
Amateur Competition 2016I am in doubt this year. Is competition playing the right thing for me?
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