Twente Guitar Festival

The Twente Guitar Festival was an initiative of a number of young guitarists that got acquainted during their study at the Twente Conservatory in the town of Enschede. They formed the first festival board and organised the first festival in 2006 in the Concordia Theatre at the Oude Markt in Enschede, with help of family and friends as volunteers.

In the years that followed, the festival expanded from three days to four, occupying the Concordia Theatre and other locations in town. Ever since this festival formed an important attraction on Ascension Day and the next three days.

Many famous artists performed at this festival, amongst others Marcin Dylla, Roland Dyens, Denis Azabagic, Pavel Steidl and Zoran Dukic

Competitions form a major part of the festival, besides the competition for professionals an amateur competition was organised for various levels of players. Currently only the competition for the professionals and conservatory students remains.

After 2014, I lost track of this festival.

Below you will find links to the PDF documents of the festival stories from 2006 to 2014.

Guitar FestivalHighlights
TGF 2006The very first festival. Robert Horna, Marcin Dylla, Andre Manuel, Yves Storms, Enno Voorhorst, Jim ten Boske & Friends
TGF 2007Uwe Kropinsky, The Guitar Company, Klaus Renzel Gitarobatrix, Senda, Marcin Dylla, Yves Storms & Judith Ermert, Denis Azabagic
TGF 2008Ulrich Steier, Zoran Dukic, Duo 78, Harry Sacksioni, Duo NIHZ, Alberto Mesirca, Lapis Lazuli, Roland Dyens
TGF 2009Jaques Stotzem, Johan Fostier, Wolfgang Lendle, Microband, Senda, Lorenzo Micheli, Edsart Udo de Haes, Pavel Steidl
TGF 2010Duo Melis, Eric Franceries, Matthew McAllister, Duo Niehusman, Andre Manuel, Radio Robotnik, Denis Azabagic, Paul Driessen, Frank Bungarten
TGF 2011Cecoria, Carlo Marchione, Arnaldo Lopez, Izhar Elias, Violarra, Zoran Dukic, Raphaella Smits
TGF 2012Laura Young, Gerhard Reichenbach, Fernando Espi, Fareed Hague Trio, Michel Gillain & Ann Heynen, SoloDuo
TGF 2013Marlon Titre, Raphaella Smits, Edsart Udo de Haes, Euregio Gitaarkwartet, Marcin Dylla
TGF 2014Duo Melis, Robert Horna, Teyata Guitar Duo, Ricardo Gallen
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