Chopin used to say it in the nineteenth century: “There is just one thing more beautiful than a guitar: two guitars!”

Back in 1998, I started the DOS Amigos Homepage as the guitar duo web site. After a training course in HTML, using the book Learn HTML in a Week (which was optimistic indeed), I built the very first version of the site and uploaded our freshly arranged duo pieces that I made with the scoring software Musicator for Windows.

In this guitar duo section, you will find the musical history of the Guitar Duo DOS Amigos (1990 -2007). The duo has dissolved, yet the site contains a nice touch of nostalgia. A few pieces landed in my own publications and are not available for download. However, the sound and story of all pieces is included on the site.

Guitar Duo DOS Amigos had a broad repertoire that included various style periods. You will find them on separate pages.

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