Baroque Various (Duo)

On this page you will find a colourful collection of Baroque composers. Below you can read some biographics, followed by a link to the music.

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Johann Adolf Hasse

Johann Adolf Hasse (1699 – 1783) was an internationally renowned composer of operas in the Italian style in the Baroque era. His wife, the celebrated and temperamental opera singer Faustina, just kept him going.

Robert de Visée

The French composer Robert de Visée (1650 – 1725) was a court musician to Louis XIV -le Roi du Soleil- and earned a quite modest living in comparison with for example his friend and colleague Lully. De Visée wrote works for lute, baroque guitar and chamber music ensembles.

Giovanni Battista Marella

After a long time (Guitar Duo DOS Amigos has been dead for five years now) a guitar duo contribution, this time the Suite Nr. 1 by Giovanni Battista Marella (1725 – 1785). There is little known about his life, at least Internet is quite silent about him, he appeared to have lived around the 1800s. He left a few works, amongst others this suite, that I heard performed by the famous Presti-Lagoya duo.


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