Carlo Domeniconi *


Carlo Domeniconi was born in Cesena in Italy in 1947. He started his guitar study in 1960 and graduated in music and composition in 1969.

His music characterizes itself by the fusion of various musical traditions. He composed mainly for the guitar or guitar ensembles.

I used to know only one of his compositions: Koyunbaba, a piece with obvious Turkish influences. This piece came along at many competitions of the early editions of the Twente Guitar Festival, the same kind of trend in popularity that I recognized with Sonata Op. 47 van Ginastera. Koyunbaba is an interesting piece that provides the player many options for expression.


Circus Music by Carlo Domeniconi is a joyful contemporary wink towards the music that is played for a classical circus show in the days that there were living musicians in the orchestra pit. This piece was part of a never realised plan to start duo playing again. I made settings of the movements that we were planning to play, four out of a total of nine pieces of the suite.

As a consequence of copyright restrictions, you will find only sound and a story here. If you want to play the music yourself, please refer to the publication of Circus music for two Guitars from Editions Margaux em 2059.

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