Celso Machado *


Celso Machado was born in 1953 in Ribeirao Preto in the vicinity of Sao Paulo. His family was extremely musical. He studied guitar with amongst others Oscar M. Guerra and became famous in Brasil as guitarist and percussionist. He composes a number of collections which are clearly rooted in Brazilian popular music, though he also composes quite some ‘modern latin’.


Here you will find two works by Celso Machado that we have liked to play all the time: Modinha Brasileira and Ponteios Bresiliennes. Modinha Brasileira contains more traditional forms, Ponteios is contemporary.

The music by Machado is one of my favourites from the DOS Amigos ere. If I hear this music again, it tickles with me to start a duo again.

As a consequence of copyright restriction, I will provide sound and story only, except for a few teasers. If you want to play the music, please refer to:

  • Modinha Brasileira: Music Publishers Henri Lemoine, number 24821 H.L.
  • Ponteios Bresiliennes: Music Publishers Henri Lemoine, number 680160383795.

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