Pop (Duo) *

In the years after the Second World War, the pop music has gone through a tremendous development. Starting with Rock and Roll, various genres emerged that enabled youngsters to identify themselves and that for an older person like me at times brings me back to the Wonder Years, at least that’s how I feel about it.

It is always nice to play something before an audience that everyone knows, I have had several pleasant experiences in that field. Hence arrangements of pop music are part of our repertoire as well.

As a consequence, this section of the site contains (the music of) a number of evergreens. Unfortunately, without scores (in particular in pop music, copyright issues are frequent and mean), yet my intention is good. In some cases, an email to me might provide a solution.


As a guitar soloist, I have a collection of arrangements of pop songs. An important component of this collection is, at least in The Netherlands, the four Pop Songs books by Cees Hartog. This guitarist/composer has arranged a number of pop songs such that they a) are faithful to the original and b) are playable for guitarists that did not enjoy 20 years of training yet. Fine material to arrange again, now for guitar duo, as I promptly did.

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