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After an exciting writing process and extensive editing by Agnes Mika and Annette Kruisbrink, the book Feast on Six Strings, Five Years or Guitar Festival Nordhorn was finally ready for production.

I found a Printing on Demand company in Pumbo that offered a lot of service: assistance with layout, various formats, you can have a book made individually and an on-line ordering service. I decided to park the book there.

First, I ordered a test print, I chose A4 because I was used to that. That went fine, but the book became quite large, not a pocket that you can easily read. That’s why I went back to A5. Great size! The test print looked nice.

I wanted to register the book on the order site. An ISBN was requested there. Obviously, I didn’t have that. For that purpose, you have to register at the Central Bookhouse, which costs money.

“Do it!” said my love Erna, “then it is completely finished and it also officially exists!”

I started registration. However, it turned out that a publisher prefix was required. The publisher prefix entitles you with 10 ISBN requests. So, I had to start a publishing company!

Well, that’s what I did and that’s how Mark’s Publishing House was created!

After a few weeks I received my prefix and my ISBN. Obviously, I had to edit my book again, but yes, Pumbo is patient. I was proud of the result, including bar code for my ISBN.

The first edition was 40 books and even a few were ordered online. With the sale it unfortunately did not go as smoothly. Interest appeared minimal and the book was even ignored as a free competition prize. I divided the remaining copies among the mini libraries in Hengelo. Sadder and Wiser, I would say. Anyway, the experience in writing it is there!

Then I spent an ISBN on the anniversary book Hommage aan Annette Kruisbrink. This is also available online and has been ordered a number of times, but not up to bestseller level.

I still have eight ISBNs that I can use for a number of new publications under my own management. But we first have to do some work there!

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