I currently own a Tascam digital recorder, a DR100 Mk. 3 to be exact. A very handy thing with two Phantom XLR inputs and data storage on XD cards. A perfect addition to my two AKG C1000 microphones that I bought years ago. With sufficient batteries you can go a long way.

I make the recordings in my guitar room and edit them later with the computer. Edits are usually a bit of cutting, adding reverb on a modest scale and possibly adjusting the level a bit.

This part of the site is about my microphone adventures since 2002. Here you will find my live recordings including all the turmoil, haste and snaps, yet with a sense of liveliness that you won’t hear in the playback pieces of my sheet music program Sibelius elsewhere on the site.

The first pages of this section cover the history of my adventures and the technical aids involved. I also pay attention to my Youtube channel, nowadays a popular means to distribute repertoire. The menu helps you to navigate.

You can find the recordings themselves via the Music page. I have grouped my recordings by genre or composer. I once had a chronological order, but it turned out to be not very practical. Recording dates are now included with the individual pieces.

Have fun browsing!

Work in Progress…

At this moment I am renovating this section from the ground. Please return to assess the growth of my recording department!

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