Recordings: Music 2

I arrange the recordings by category or composer. With this I deviate from the chronological order of the past web site. Each category or composer gets its own page. The menu allows you to choose those pages.

The category/composer pages provide some information plus the option to click through to the individual recordings, again via a menu.

Each recording has its own page (post) with some information about the song, the audio player and a PDF-viewer window for sheet music. This enables you to read along during playback. Sheet music is only available for pieces for which I have my own Sibelius setting. These settings are for illustrative purposes only. That’s why you’re missing the download and print buttons here.

The PDF-viewer window has a limited height. If you place the mouse pointer inside that window, you can scroll with the mouse-wheel or the Page Down key. If you want to see the sheet music full screen, click the Full screen button. With multiple pages you obviously need the Page Down key.

The format of the recordings is mp3. In the past I used the bitrate 192 kbps, now I have enough space and I can deliver the new pieces at 320 kbps.

Via this page I pay attention to the composers Jaime Bosch, Jose Ferrer, Henrik and Frederik Rung, Annette Kruisbrink, Thierry Tisserand, Karel Verkruysse, Stepan Rak, Tatiana Stachak, Maria Linnemann and Giuseppe Girolamo.

Have fun browsing!

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