Recordings: Karel Vercruysse

When people are not yet history, it is sometimes difficult to find a biography. The same goes for Karel Vercruysse (*1956), a Flemish guitarist and composer who is a year younger than me.

Fortunately, his publisher Auurk Ed offers solace. Verkruysse was born into a musical family and started playing the guitar at the local music school in his early teens. In his high school years, he explored numerous musical styles in a multitude of bands. It is therefore not surprising that he continues musical training at the conservatory. He turns playing the guitar and teaching into his profession and returns as a teacher at the music school of his youth.

Internet shows a large number of publications for guitar solo and ensemble in which he also collaborates with others. Teaching methods and didactic work are an important part of this.


For the recordings of Vercruysse I used the following publications:

  • On the Road, ISMN: 9790543540262
  • 10 Pieces, ISMN: 9790543541009

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