Recordings: Maria Linnemann

The guitarist and composer Maria Linnemann (*1947) was born in Amsterdam and studied at the conservatory in London. She then moved to Germany to teach music. Remarkably enough, the guitar was not part of this training.

Despite this, she fell in love with the instrument. The management of the music school asked her to teach guitar even though she had never touched one. Then she met someone who played a piece on the guitar for her and she fell in love with the instrument. She rapidly learned to play it as an autodidact and to compose for guitar as well.

Her music combines classical elements and techniques with folk music and light muse. With pleasant melodies as a result.

I happened to come across her music on Youtube. The temptation was too great to pass up her music, so I got some of her music books and got to work.


For the recordings I used the following publications:

  • Maria Linnemann Quiet Waters, Ricordi Sy 2888, ISMN 979-0-2042-2888-1
  • Maria Linnemann Songs from the Heart, Ricordi Sy 7008, ISMN 979-0-2042-7008-8

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