Recordings: Tatiana Stachak

Tatiana Stachak (*1973) is a Polish guitarist. Already during her musical training, she focused on music education for children. Thus, education is an important part of her publications, she wrote methods for guitar, hearing and rhythmics.

I can see from her books that she is aimed at children indeed, both Zaproszenie do walca (Invitation to the waltz) and the two books Etiudy characterysyczne (Characteristic Etudes) are cheerfully and colorfully illustrated.

In addition, in Etiudy characterysyczne you will find pre-exercises that briefly highlight certain technical aspects of the piece. This is useful for understanding the piece.

I became acquainted with Stachak’s music via Youtube. Well, hearing playing something nice soon creates an urge to play myself, so I bought the above-mentioned books. Really fun playing music!


For the recordings I used the following publications:

  • Tatiana Stachak Etiudy characterysyczne 1, Musikverlag Euterpe EU1801, ISMN 9790801507921.

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