Recordings: Christmas Carols from the Attic

A long time ago I bought a booklet of simple arrangements of Christmas carols on sale. We even used to have two shops in Hengelo that sold sheet music, but that is long long ago.

Peter Gerits was the arranger of the bundle of 12 carols. He kept the complexity of the music neatly within the boundaries of the novice player. That does not mean that you should not practice playing the songs fluently and with some expression. They are nice arrangements that preserve the original melody well. Unfortunately, the bundle is no longer available, or you had to be lucky in a thrift store.

I made the recordings in our attic to burn candles as a Christmas card. Hence the name of these recordings: Christmas Carols from the Attic.

Note that the song titles are in Dutch. In the descriptions of the pieces, I will mention the translation, if available.


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