Recordings: Folk Music

Folk music has been an integral part of my repertoire. In that context I remember the booklets Sixteen English Folk Songs and Forty Community Songs by John Duarte (1919-2004), short folk song arrangements that I enjoyed a lot. The booklets Latin America, La Guitarra Mexicana and La Gitarra Andina by Gerald Schwertberger (1941 – 2014) also brought me into contact with, in that case, Latin American folk music forms.

Just like pop music, folk music is the music that people know. For me a nice change from the classical repertoire. Although, especially in the Renaissance, folk music and “classical” cultural music were much closer together than they are today. In that context I remember The Playford Tunes, a nice collection of settings by John Duarte again.

My recordings of folk music are currently limited to the Anglo-Saxon atmosphere. Except for a song that comes from Flanders.


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