Recordings: Various

With every classification you have a category that you can’t place anywhere. So that will be the Various category. Here you will find my recordings of music by Carrie Hayden, Alfred Cottin, Leo Brouwer, Antonio Cano and Gisèle Sikora.

Carrie Hayden

Carrie Vanessa Hayden (1866 – 1950) was the daughter of the American guitarist and composer Winslow Hayden (1839 – 1886). She played the guitar herself and composed salon music in America.

Alfred Cottin

Alfred Cottin (1863 -1923) lived and worked in Paris. He was a student of the Catalan Jaime Bosch and had a music practice in the French capital. He was also active in the Parisian music salons with his brother Jules and sister Madeleine.

Leo Brouwer

The Cuban composer Leo Brouwer was born in 1939 in Havana. His father encouraged him to play the guitar, later he made it his profession. He started composing at a young age. His early compositions were strongly influenced by the folk music and rhythms of Cuba, later he focused on atonal music and minimal music.

Antonio Cano

Antonio Cano-Curriela (1811-1897) was a student of Dioniso Aguado. Cano didn’t immediately start playing the guitar and composing. He started out as a physician, a surgeon, but at one point exchanged his scalpel in favor of the guitar.

Gisèle Sikora

Gisèle Sikora (1952-2006) was an all-round musician and guitar teacher. She lived in Belgium. Her father was an instrument maker and her mother was a famous accordion player. When she was eight years old, she started taking music theory and piano lessons and studied classical guitar, solfège, harmony, chamber music and music analysis at the Antwerp Conservatory.


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