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Early 2019, my wife Erna and me were enjoying a drink and some fish and chips in a little pub in the village of Weerselo in the east of Holland while we were discussing exposure on the Internet. I had almost completed the (previous) remake of the DOS Amigos Homepage and wondered about some new functionality on the site.

First idea was a Youtube Channel for my own recordings. I have a nice set of recordings on my hard disk from 2012 onwards. Not all suitable for publication, yet quite a number of them were ok. At times I add some new recordings when I am practicing pieces. I was considering slide-shows with music, I am hesitant to appear on video myself at the moment.

Magix Photostory appeared nice software for this purpose. Select a soundtrack, add a title and pictures and there you go! I created a Youtube account and learned how to upload music and to make a playlist.

“If you upload something to Youtube, you are at everybody’s mercy!” is often said.

Yes, it’s the same as with Facebook, Twitter and other social media. I do agree in linking the music from my Youtube channel, so it can end up everywhere, even as a background teaser tune for an ideology that I do not like or adhere to. Nevertheless, I aim for sharing my recordings, else they would decease on my hard disk without ever been heard. AT least I have received some positive reaction, amongst others from the composer of a number of pieces that I recorded. The number of subscribers is slowly but steadily growing.

I now have about 130 pieces on Youtube. I will regularly update the page in the near future. If you have become curious, take a look at:

Mark’s Youtube Channel:


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