Máximo Diego Pujol *


Máximo Diego Pujol (*1957) is an Argentinian guitarist and composer. The story goes that he found a guitar in a cupboard in his parental home. His father kept it there as a reminder of his own career as a tango guitarist before he took up the serious profession of dentist. Apparently father Pujol could no longer play, but would like to hear the old guitar again. Reason for the young Máximo to learn to play the guitar.

After some hesitation (he first studied mathematics), he responded to that calling, completed academic education for guitar and composition and became acquainted with a number of guitar greats in Argentina. That was the time when the young Máximo had various part-time jobs to pay for his studies and played in all kinds of bands to earn extra money.

As a guitarist and composer, he became involved in Argentine tango culture. That culture is an important aspect of his own compositions. His work includes compositions for solo guitar, guitar ensembles, chamber music and orchestral works.


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