South American

The multitude of styles and rhythms turn South American folk music into a true melting pot. Spaniards, Portuguese, African slaves, Indians and other indigenous peoples all brought their own music. As a result, many more than in North America, all kinds of mixed forms were created in which rhythm, dance and percussion play a prominent role.

The Latin styles then went around the world again and conquered the salons of the old world with for instance Rumba, Samba and Bossa-Nova.

In South American folk music, the guitar and derived instruments play an important role. To be honest, as a starting player I had to get used to the exotic and syncopated rhythms, I still don’t manage to count them exactly. Fortunately, I do feel the pulse at some point, and that’s what it’s all about.

In this section you will find a number of arrangements of South American folk music.


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