Alfred Cottin *


Alfred Cottin (1863 -1923) lived and worked in Paris. He was a student of the Catalan Jaime Bosch and had a musical school in Paris. Besides he was active in the Parisian Salons de Musique with his brother Jules and his sister Madeleine.

He composed music for solo guitar, ensemble (guitars, guitar and mandolin, piano and mandolin) and even a guitar method Méthode complète de guitare – Partition musicale: Études et exercices, études. Many pieces of his moderate oeuvre were dedicated to his students.

Cottin was a friend of Francisco Tarrega, the one the latter dedicated his world-famous Recuerdos de la Alhambra to: ‘Hommage à l’eminent artiste Alfred Cottin’.


Alfred Cottin mainly composed music for the Parisian salons and his guitar teaching practice.

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