Francisco Tarrega *


Francisco Tarrega (1852 -1909) was the leading composer of the Romantic Era for the guitar. He introduced the modern guitar design that was conceived by the luthier Torres and fully exploited the possibilities of this new design. Part of this was his introduction to completely new guitar technique.

An accident caused a visual handicap with him in his youth. He attended lessons with the blind guitarists Eugeni Ruiz and Manuel Gonzalez who doubtlessly taught him the methods for playing practically blindfold. Later Julian Arcas became his teacher.

One of his most famous and beloved pieces is wel Recuerdos de La Alhambra. Additionally, however, he composed a large repertoire such as his Preludes, Etudes, Valses, Mazurka’s, Spanish dances and arrangements of popular classical works, e.g. by Schubert and Chopin.


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