Julian Arcas *


The Spanish guitarist and composer Julian Arcas (1832 – 1882) was a celebrated concert guitarist in his days and composed a lot of music in the Spanish style. Arcas was born in Almeria and passed away in Malaga. He received guitar training from amongst others his father and at his turn he became the teacher of Francisco Tarrega. Aracs composed in both the classical and Flamenco genres.

Arcas was famous, on one of his tours he even played in front of the British royal family at the court of Queen Victoria. In 1870, Arcas quit his concert career and started a private business in Seville, where he helped the famous luthier Antonio Torres with a few useful hints for his guitar design.


The music by Julian Arcas is mostly based on traditional Spanish motifs and dances. That yielded a number of characteristic compositions.

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