Reis Guitar Music

In Brief

  • Title: Reis Guitar Music
  • Musician: Salvatore Fortunato, gitaar.
  • Identification: Brilliant 95939.
  • Recording date: 2018.
  • Publication date: 2019.

Dois destinos by Dilermando Reis

Sobradinho by Dilermando Reis

Tempo de criança by Dilermando Reis


On an online guitar evening someone played music by Dilermando Reis (1916 – 1977). I was struck by the sympathetic South American sound of his music, swinging so smoothly. However, I could tell from the player’s movements that the music had some technical challenges.

I was therefore curious when I came across an advertisement on the Internet for the Brilliant label publication Reis Guitar Music by the Italian guitarist Salvatore Fortunato. A perfect anniversary gift!

Dilermando Reis was born in Sao Paulo in 1917, his father taught him the rudiments of the guitar. Reis then moved to Rio de Janeiro, where he started his musical career. He turned out to be a versatile guitarist who could handle both the classical and popular repertoire. In addition, he was a skilled accompanist to many Brazilian singers in the 1930s and 1940s.

In the fifties and sixties of the last century his compositional talent surfaced with a number of Brazilian evergreens that remain popular to this day. He also moved into the traditional repertoire of waltzes and choros. Several of his compositions became standard repertoire, such as Dois Destinos and Se Ela Perguntar.

I was previously introduced to the guitarist Salvatore Fortunato through his recordings of the music of Regino and Eduardo Sainz de la Maza. I was not disappointed.

In 18 tracks, Fortunato points out the atmosphere of Reis’s music perfectly. A wonderful, almost lazy relaxation in a sultry hip-swaying rhythm with melodies that you almost automatically start whistling along with. All this with great ease, and no technical difficulties seem to exist. Ornamentations, accelerando and ritardando, everything sounds equally trouble free with an excellent finish. As a result, the atmosphere of the compositions comes into its own. I imagine myself in a colourful South American atmosphere for a while with the sun on my face.

From the romantic Dois destinos via the folk choro-like Sobradinho to the rhythmic Tempo de criança, this album is a treat! That’s why you get these pieces as background music!

The recording is modest and clear and does not suffer from blurring due to an overly enthusiastic remixing of reverb. It provides the music the intimate character necessary for the wonderful atmosphere.

The CD booklet contains a short but clear description of the music and the player in English.

It’s nice that the Brilliant Classics label pays attention to guitar projects that are slightly outside the mainstream. This makes this recording a valuable and very affordable addition to the guitar repertoire.

Highly recommended!

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